The complexities of the cyber world can be overwhelming. Information security is continuously evolving to meet emerging cyber threats. The tactics for mitigating these threats have evolved from standard passive defensive measures of system hardening, firewalls, and IDS/IPS to penetration testing and cyber threat intelligence. We know we must stay on the cutting edge in developing technologies and practices to protect an organization's critical informational resources and take actions to deter future threats.

The CYGRU network of professionals provides clients with tailored solutions developed over many years supporting critical clients. The CYGRU network of professionals has a global reach that can matrix expertise necessary to effectively bring technical, operational, investigative, policy and project management specialists to meet our client's unique challenges in a wide variety of operating environments.

CYGRU can effectively investigate, analyze, and contain large-scale intrusions performed by advanced threats. CYGRU can leverage a global professional services team. CYGRU provides your organization with the capability to effectively protect your critical network assets, recover damages, and mitigate their capability to mount future attacks. 


Our Differentiators

- Wide range of traditional and advanced cyber security offerings
- Cyber Diligence services
- International investigative and legal liaison support
- Beyond Compliance and Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
- Global network of specialized professionals planning and responding to a wide array of threats